Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Writing Booklets

Just to catch you up to what has happened lately.

I am now out of Squidoo totally and completely. I sold my account to another lensmaster. It's been very nice having a break from Squidoo, and not having to write every day, but now I am itching to get back into writing.

One of the problems, I have with writing, is the thought that I have to write a long (at least 100 pages or more) book, in order to be considered a serious author. I know a little about a lot of things - but I am not confident that I know enough to write a long book. And we have constantly been told that self published books just wont sell. 

But now things have changed.  And just like a Scanner I have changed direction, yet again...

Today I was looking for new ways of writing and I discovered that it was perfectly OK to write and sell small Books that are called Booklets. These range in size from 15 to 50 pages.

I specifically was reading this website - Bizy Moms.

Down the bottom of the page was a small box with a title that said  - 

 Earn Big Money Writing Little Booklets

I clicked the link and I LOVED what I read.

I went looking for more details and have found a Booklet writing Guru named Kim Hillman. She has been writing and selling Booklets since 2007. Kim has just recently developed an email course on how to write booklets. She has also recently joined up with Facebook, but her Easy Street Blog about how to write Booklets, has been going for quite some time.

I have enrolled in Kim's Booklet writing e-mail course and am eager to start writing, booklets, and then publish them online, so I can sell them. First I have to find a place where I can sell them, but hopefully the course will tell me how to do that too.

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