Friday, March 1, 2013

Spun Content and Quotes - Squidoo

Yesterday Squidoo announced yet another knee jerk reaction and are now attacking any lens with what they call Spun Content. These are usually lenses that are filled with paragraphs that are stuffed full of keywords.

Right now I have a lens that is under a warning for "Duplicate Content" and all I put on it was one quote!

 It really bugs me that when Squidoo talk about Spun Content - which is keyword stuffing - being wrong and against the Squidoo TOS, but they dont do anything about lenses that are stuffed full of nothing but quotes.

Quotes are spun content because the writer does not need to write anything original. They just copy and paste quotes (what other people have said) and then post that lens as a quote page. I call that spun content. Squidoo continues to ignore them.

Source - Funny Birthday Quotes for Women

I half do want to leave Squidoo - because they are not being consistent in their TOS - and I half dont want to leave - because it is such an excellent writing platform.

I have some idea that I need to start removing my lenses from Squidoo and start re-editing them into several E-books. Which I can then sell to make money. All my writing on Squidoo does not earn money. I know I write well - I now have 22 Purple stars which prove that.

My problem is that the cost of setting up a domain name and a host package is expensive and costly - especially when I dont have a credit card.

Oh well, now I have something to work towards - find a way to pay for a domain name and a hosting package.

Ciao for now.