Friday, June 14, 2013

The Health and Medical Scanner.

I remember reading once a long long time ago that we humans have souls and after we die, we get reincarnated and some of us get to come back to earth to live another life.

It is possible that we are being reincarnated over and over again until we learn all the lessons we have to learn. Every life we live, we have to learn something new.

I don't know if I believe in reincarnation, and I am not going to debate the issue on this blog or in this post. I was just pointing out where I read this information.

I have noticed one constant theme that is running through my entire life, and possibly may be the lesson I have to learn. Although quite what I am supposed to be learning, I don't yet know.

Anyway, the one constant theme running through the life of myself and my family (which includes my parents, siblings as well as my spouse and children) is that every few years we are slammed with a new health and medical issue.

They seem to be coming so fast, and I barely get up to speed on one issue, when the next one slams into me.

Anyway, I mention this, because I think this is going to be my niche for my Booklet business!!!

The Health and Medical fields are quite wide-ranging, but I have experience with lots of different medical issues, and I am more than willing to research and find out about others.

Since I am a scanner - interested in a wide range of subjects, I think I can call my new business - The Health and Medical Scanner.

Also a scanner reminds me of Doctor McCoy on the TV show Star Trek. He used a lot of futuristic type technology to scan patients bodies and determine what was wrong and how to fix it. The above graphic is the BioBed readout - courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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