Saturday, June 22, 2013

What Medical and Health subjects do you want to know about?

I have started writing some booklets on various health issues - mostly those which actually involve my family.

The first subject I have written about, happened because my son fell ill just this week, with an  allergy reaction to a specific food additive.

I grew up having regular bad reactions to this same additive. But I had no idea what was causing them. It's only been in the last few years (since I changed countries and went online) that I have discovered that my episodes of illness were in response to this specific additive. It seems my son has inherited this same sensitivity.

I will be writing booklets about auto-immune diseases and chronic illnesses that have also been recorded in my family.

I am more than happy to write about other illnesses, chronic or otherwise,  and allergies and medical problems that you wish to know more about.

I am not afraid to write about any controversial medical and health issues as well. I already have had some experience of controversial treatment.

You are welcome to leave a comment or a statement listing any illness or treatment you want to know more about. If you have any additional information or you have had any reaction or treatment or experience - whether good or bad - I would love to know about it.

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