Tuesday, November 13, 2012

If Amanda Hocking can do it...

...Then so can I.

Amanda Hocking, from Minnesota, is a best Selling Indie Writer who made Millions by Self Publishing Online.

Amanda had always had the desire and the urge to write. In 2010, she had 12 unpublished novels sitting on her computer. She had sent them all to publishers and was getting rejection slip after rejection slip.

Then she read a notice about the Muppets coming to Chicago, and she decided that she really had to get there to see the Muppets. Chicago of course, being the nearest large city to her home in Minnesota. And she needed to find enough gas and hotel money to get there.

Amanda decided that it would not do any harm if she tried to publish a book online. If noone read them, well she would not be any worse off. So in April 2010, she published her first book on Amazon Kindle and was pleasantly surprised when she sold some books. She has now published 9 of her books on Kindle - it helps to have lots of writing material already available - to meet her readers demand.

Amanda has now sold over a million Kindle books online and has recently signed a contract with a (hard copy) publisher.

 IF she can do it, then so can we, I mean so can I.

 The only difference is that Amanda writes fiction. I don't - at least not yet....

World of Amanda Hocking  - official website

Amanda Hocking's Blog - official blog

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